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Guru Nanak Eye Hospital is a premier Ophthalmic Institute in Delhi providing comprehensive eye care services to the  residents of Delhi and NCR national capital region and even surrounding states. It was  conceived in 1971 and its first wing, the OPD block became operational in 1977.  This institute has the latest state of art facilities and infrastructure to  cater to complete ocular investigations and treatment of eye diseases. The  Centre has six Ophthalmic Units, while two units are posted together in OPD,  Wards and Operation theatre each. The OPD block has ten cabins running  simultaneously each day and twenty four doctors working together to perform  Ophthalmic OPD checkup, hand–in-hand with examination facilities for refractive  error testing with auto-refractometers, binocular vision testing and orthoptic eye  check up.

Key Points

  • There are 5 general wards & 1 private ward for patients  requiring admission.
  • There are total 212 beds with 110 beds in General wards I,  II and V for admission of male patients  & 74 beds  in General wards III and IV for  admission of female patients.
  • A  total of  28 rooms are available in the private ward, of which 21 are  air-conditioned and 7 are non-AC rooms.
  • The charge for the AC room is Rs. 650/-  per day & the charges for the Non-AC room is Rs. 450/- per day. The check  out time for the private rooms is 11.00 am.

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