Best Neurosurgeon in India

If you are looking for the best Neurosurgeon in India, then you are at the right place, We are providing a list of top Neurosurgeon in India. Which are more professional, more experienced, more popular and highly skilled doctor in the field of Neurosurgery.

A List of Best Neurosurgeon in India

1. Epilepsy surgery
2. Craniovertebral junction and complex spine instrumentation.
3. Minimally invasive spine surgery: endoscopic discectomy, percutaneous automated discectomy, percutaneous pedicle screw fixation.
4. Neuroendoscopy
5. Vascular surgery: Aneurysms and AVM’s, specialized in ‘keyhole’ aneurysm surgery
6. Neuro-oncology; specialized in acoustic neurinomas
7. Awake craniotomies and brain mapping
8. Implantable devices: Vagal nerve stimulation, baclofen pump and artificial discs
• Skull Base And Neurooncology;
• Complex Spine And Craniovertebral Junction
• Vascular Neurosurgery
• Pediatric Neurosurgery (Complex Craniofacial deformity correction, Encephalocele surgery, Simple and Complex Spinal dysraphism surgery, Childhood brain tumors : Craniopharyngiomas)
• Congenital Spinal tumors
• Craniovertebral junction anomalies
• Spine: Traumatic and Non-traumatic Degenerative deformity correction surgery
• Craniovertebral junction surgery, Minimally Invasive Spine & Endoscopic Surgeries
• Brain trauma, Peripheral nerve and Brachial plexus surgery
• Neuro-oncology & Skull base tumor
• Biomedical model development of CVJ Implants
1. Spine surgery
2. Skull base Neurosurgery
3. Vascular Neurosurgery (Aneurysms and Arteriovenous malformations)
4. Craniovertebral anomalies
5. Complex Neurosurgical Tumors
• Brain Arteriovenous Fistula Embolization
• Petrosal Sinus Sampling
• Brain Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Embolization
• Brain Aneurysm Coiling
• Carotid Cavernous Fistula Treatment
• Cerebrovascular
• Epilepsy
• Brain Tumor Treatment
• Laminectomy
• Foot Drop
• Carotid Body Tumour Embolization
• Spinal and Cerebral Tumor Embolization
• Head & Neck Tumour Embolization

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