Vikas Diagnostic Kanpur

Vikas Diagnostic Kanpur – Founded By Dr. Vikas Gupta, as the First Centre of its Kind to Offer a Comprehensive Range Of All Diagnostic Modalities, Under OneRoof, Vikas Diagnostic Commitment to Quality And our Philosophy of Always Putting the Patient first has ensured that over the past years, Vikas has established a Reputation for Excellence and Reliability.

Vikas Diagnostic Kanpur
Diagnostic Services
• 16 Channel 1.5 Tesla
• High Field 3600 Open M.R.I
• 128 Slice C.T Scan From Siemens
• 128 Slice Siral Whole Body C.T Scan
• Dexa(B.M.D)
• Coloured 3D,CT Reconstruction
• C.T-Urogram
• Coronary C.T. Angiography
• Cardiac angiography
• T Angiography/virtual
• Bronchoscopy
• 500 MA Digital X-Ray
• Digital Barium Studies
• Digital V.P
• Digital HSG
• Sino-Fistulogram
• 4D Colour Ultrasound
• Colour Doppler
• 4D Transvaginal
• Transrectal Sonography
• USG(13 Mhz Dedicated Pobe)
• Sonomamography
• Scrotal
• Orbital
• (B.Scan)
• Neck Ultrasound
• T/USG Guided intervention
• Biopsies
• Echo Cardiography(ECHO)
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